Students Walking on CampusStudent of Concern Referral Process


Referrals can be made via calling the Ms. Makenzie Schiemann, Director of Student Outreach and Support at 974-6130 or through completing the electronic referral form. The on-line form allows for 24-hour reporting; however, please note that referrals may not be handled until the next business day. Access the Student of Concern Referral Form


If you believe your referral requires more immediate attention, you may call the Case Manager or another member of SOCAT directly.


If there is an imminent threat of any kind, contact University Police at 911.


What Happens After I Make a Referral?

Upon receipt of a referral, the case manager will gather information about the student’s situation from a variety of campus resources. The team will then review the referral and determine a course of action. Examples of responses may include the following:



The individual who makes a referral to SOCAT may receive contact and follow up from the case manager or another team member. Depending upon the circumstances, the referring person may not receive specific information about the action plan with the student.

Are the Referrals to SOCAT Confidential?

The Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT) will take reasonable steps to maintain the privacy of those who make a referral to SOCAT, if requested. If the circumstances don’t allow privacy to be maintained, this will be discussed with the person making the referral. On occasion, due to the nature of the reported concern, the reporter may be evident to the student of concern.